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Defend Your Worth.

With the rise in high-profile data breaches and cyber security incidents across the world, both large and small organizations are working hard to guard against advanced intruders who identify and exploit complex vulnerabilities on their critical systems.

Traditional security solutions designed to guard against complex attacks generate an overwhelming number of alerts, requiring a large workforce to resolve and analyse a flood of false positives.

These solutions don't solve the fundamental problems of security hygiene, which is, at its core, a data problem.

Through CGA’s partnership with Horangi, we help organizations build a comprehensive, real-time view of their networks; then use that view to identify where the risk lives and who within the organization is accountable for mitigating it.

Horangi Cyber Security Products.

  • Horangi Scanner - Web Scanner, Network Scanner and Code Scanner
  • Horangi Hunter – Built to hunt for advanced persistent threats
  • Horangi Storyfier - Always-on cyber security command centre

Penetration Testing.

  • We help mitigate vulnerabilities in an organization’s system and re-configuring network infrastructure.

Security Assessments.

  • We offer full-scope comprehensive security assessment across both the internal and external layers within your environment. 
    We will post the assessment, and work with our customers in helping them address any areas of concern.

Cyber Security Awareness + Training.

  • We work to build tailored courses to strengthen your team’s security skills, and awareness periodically.

Incident Response.

  • Our teams will work together with you to identify critical problems, and help remove attackers from the environment.

Cyber Security.​

Research shows that cyber threats can lurk in a company for up to 8 months before they are discovered. 

And that is a company with a cyber security personnel.

Just because your resources are limited, it does not mean that your company has to sacrifice its critical data.

Get your critical information and data secured with us, today.

  • Security Assesment.
  • incident response.
  • training.
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