social media intelligence.

Let Your Brand Be Heard.

Information without insight is noise. Insight without action is useless.

In order to achieve this, Enterprises need to sharpen their social listening abilities in addition to their customer engagement capabilities within a digital world.

At CGA, we help companies achieve customer relevance at scale and superior business performance through the careful application of social business strategy, plus an integrated customer-centric and demand-driven approach.


  • Know Your Customers, and Influencers
  • Analyze Marketing Strategies
  • Track Real-time Marketing Trends
  • Create Communication Plans


  • Sustain Online Activities
  • Create Loyalty Programs
  • Maintain Customer Relationship


  • Optimize Media Performance
  • Control Online Expenditure
  • Expand Sales Opportunities
  • Forecast Business ROIs

Take control.​

We help your company gather insights, and trends about your brand and make future strategies successful by improving the performance of your social channels; as well as measure and benchmark your campaigns against your competitors, all in real-time.

  • Brand Awareness.
  • Sales Opportunities.
  • Analytics.
  • Reports.
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