our strategic alliances.


why it matters.

It is important that we have the foundation in order to for us to help you succeed.

We are able to foresee the requirements because we have been where our clients are at,
and we are able to make the processes much more efficient.

And that is why we have built partnerships with our exclusive list of providers to
bring our clients the highest of quality and best of value.

Application Security Testing and Static Code Analysis


Checkmarx delivers a perfect platform for DevOps and CI environments by redefining security’s role in the SDLC while operating at the speed of DevOps. The fast feedback loop makes security testing of new or edited code fragments quick with speedy remediation by developers. 

This significantly reduces costs and eliminates the problem of having to deal with many security vulnerabilities close to release. Ultimately, by enabling developers to test their own code for security issues thus allowing them to get instant results and remediate the issues on the spot, everyone wins.

Cyber Security


The cyber security of any company should be the number one concern, especially with the emerging cyber threats landscape.

After investing in the purchase of the infrastructure, your business should not be left in the wild for cyber threats to hit.

Enter Horangi. They have help many businesses to solve their primary cyber security issues, be it arising from scaling, the lack of expertise, or the time required for the processes to be setup.

Social Media Intelligence


Take control of your social media efforts by listening intently to what you customers are saying about your business on the varius social media platforms.

By working on the insights that are provided, your business can be agile, yet remain relevant to your target audiences.

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